About the firm

The firm was established in 1945 and over the years has grown to create a large firm capable of providing the widest range of legal services, in time efficient and cost sensible manner to both local and foreign clientele in Nigeria. We have over the years acquired the reputation for competent professional legal work.

We believe client can best be serviced and retained by an adherence to the very highest standards of legal expertise coupled with a practical and imaginative approach to commercial problems.

We intend at all time to give clear, business - oriented advice coupled with the ability to react rapidly to changing business situations

We recognize that the situation a client finds himself is uniquely different and that even the same set of fact may often lead to different scenarios. We shall at all time strive to ensure that for each client we implement the necessary approaches that lead to a solution that is most effective and meet the needs of the client. We are committed to investing substantially in the continuous acquisition of knowledge by our lawyers and support staff at all levels and in providing information systems and technological support.