Agape provides support services across the entire telecommunications value chain. The essence of these services is to ensure reliability of Client networks and bolster network provider customer support. Our support services are classified into:
(a) Maintenance; preventive, corrective and emergency respons
(b) Facility installation, build-out, and upgrades
(c) Facility decommissioning

We execute our work based on the SMART principle

Specific - we ensure our client needs are precisely understood
Measurable - we map out our tasks clearly and validate with our clients
Achievable - we determine what success means to us and our clients
Recordable - we track our performance seeking continuous improvement
Timely - we respond, and respond very quickly.

Elements of our work processes

For our maintenance activities, our audits are specific with regards to on-site equipment:
Type of generator and condition
Type of fuel tank and condition
Type of air conditioners and condition
Type of battery system and condition
Shelter and associated electrical system


We operate a head office in Lagos, with an integrated operations center ensuring real time client communication and access to our various client sites.
Service and support requests from our Clients are phoned into the Help Desk at Agape network operating centre. The Agape helpdesk personnel receive the report details from the client and logs the report into the call center database. A Fault Report Number (FRN) is automatically generated at time of report logging. The client that makes the report is then given the FRN.

Agape helpdesk personnel at the Network monitoring centre will notify the Project Manager immediately and as well identify the team Leader responsible for the fault resolution, then contact them.

Upon logging the Fault Report Ticket into the system, an email and SMS notification is automatically generated and sent to all members of the service team and the project manager handling the region.

The help Desk personnel then monitors and records the response of the team to the call out site.
The service team goes to the site; solve the problems and then place a call back to the helpdesk personnel with status update on the problem. The Help desk staff then updates the status of the Fault Report on to the system to indicate the updated information from the service team.

An email and SMS is automatically generated and sent to the service team leader and the Operations manager indicating the status.

If the Fault Report status indicates problem solved, help Desk then notifies the client as well as the Agape project manager of the Fault resolution. The client verifies resolution of the Fault report and confirms by sending an email. An email is automatically generated and sent to the Operations manager, indicating problem solved.