Products & Services

Our products include but are not limited to Solar public lighting, Solar power systems and 100% solar power generation.

Solar public lighting

public lightingAmfmasolar custom designs and install solar powered public lighting systems that are ideal for street and roadway lighting, gates and entrances, remote area lighting, parking lots, and security perimeter lighting.

Benefits: Our lighting system is immune to power outages, vandal and theft resistant design, no trenching for wiring required, no maintenance, and easy installation.

Features: Our AMF series is a high reliability stand-alone system. The luminaire, solar panel ( with vandal protection backing), rugged battery enclosure, panel mounting platform and mounting brackets provide a totally integrated, self-contained lighting source. Typical five (3-5) day battery reserve in case of inclement weather.

Solar power systems

power systemsAmfmasolar, their engineers, and technicians have been designing complete home power systems (HPS) for all areas of USA and all price levels for more than ten years.

These systems are designed to meet the power needs of every household and small to medium size businesses with renewable solar energy. Amfmasolar HPS automatically convert free sunshine into standard utility power quietly and reliably. These state of the art packages include all the major components needed for a complete installation using locally available mounting hardware.

The modules are made of high performance polycrystalline silicone cells with quick-connect (MC) wires, integral bypass diodes, attractive aluminum frames and are covered by a 25-year output warranty. These systems are ideal for rural electrification, powering of ATM machines, powering of telecom remote installations, supply of power for residential and commercial use.